Who we are

Investment Team

Investor Relations

Nikodemus Dahlgren 615X405

Nikodemus Dahlgren

Head of Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Markus Hempelmark 615X405

Markus Hempelmark

Head of Third Party and Private Sales

Anja Wahlscheidt 615X405

Anja Wahlscheidt

Senior Due Diligence Manager, Institutional Sales Europe

Marcus Rågmark 615X405

Marcus Rågmark

Relationship Manager, Institutional Sales Europe

Adam Petersson Ellafi 615X405

Adam Petersson Ellafi

Relationship Manager, Institutional Sales Sweden

Johan Gustafsson 615X405

Johan Gustafsson

Senior Manager, Portfolio Analysis & Fund Selection

Michaela Alestam 615X405

Michaela Alestam

Client Relationship Manager

Tobias Sjöstrand 615X405

Tobias Sjöstrand

Client Relationship Manager

Supporting functions

Jessica Scott 615X405 2024

Jessica Scott

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Mahsa Bouromand 615X405

Mahsa Bouromand

Chief Human Capital Officer

Ana Correia 615X405

Ana Correia

Corp. Secretary & HR Coordinator

Anna Svensson 615X405

Anna Svensson

General Counsel

Tobias Gustafsson 615X405

Tobias Gustafsson

Chief Operating Officer

Lucija Devetak 615X405 2

Lucija Devetak

General Manager & Head of Oversight

Kevin Wu 615X405

Kevin Wu

Group Risk Manager

Joakim Ringh 615X405

Joakim Ringh

Group Chief Financial Officer

Janika Kibus 615X405

Janika Kibus

Office and Marketing Manager

Susanne Kaplun 615X405

Susanne Kaplun

Project Leader Communications

Filip Eklund 615X405

Filip Eklund

Trading & Oversight Associate

Elvira Zabalukhina 615X405

Elvira Zabalukhina

Executive Assistant

Anna Ismagilova 615X405

Anna Ismagilova

General Director

Lidia Lagerstrom 615X405

Lidia Lagerström

Legal Counsel

Stevan Mitic 615X405

Stevan Mitic

Office and Marketing Manager