East Capital Balkans - Winner of 2024 Lipper Fund Award (Europe)

East Capital Balkans - Winner of 2024 Lipper Fund Award (Europe)

East Capital Group is delighted to announce that the East Capital Balkans fund has received the prestigious Lipper Fund Award for Europe 2024, recognising the exceptional performance of the fund over the past five years.

The East Capital Balkans fund focuses on investments in companies predominantly located in Greece, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, and Slovenia. Employing a strategic approach, the fund targets companies poised to benefit from long-term development trends, including EU convergence, domestic consumption growth, and investments in transitioning markets. With an all-cap mandate, the fund actively seeks exposure to smaller companies and maintains a low turnover rate. 

Jacob Grapengiesser, Partner and CIO at East Capital, says, "We are thrilled to see the East Capital Balkans Fund recognised at the Lipper Fund Awards. The fund is turning 20 years this year, and this recent success and outperformance of peers is a testament to the strength of our investment team and our stock-picking skills."

The investment style of the East Capital Balkans fund is rooted in a long-term active ownership perspective paired with fundamental analysis, striking a balance between growth and value.

Eglé Fredriksson, Portfolio Manager at East Capital, adds "This recognition underscores the importance of our on-the-ground approach and deep comprehension of the local landscape, showcasing the expertise of our investment team as well as our ability to select profitable investments based on our robust investment process. Our Balkan’s fund has shown strong performance of 87%1 over the last five years driven by the positive developments in key markets such as Greece, gaining 79%, and Romania returning 148%2

For over thirty years, the Lipper Fund Awards have served as the benchmark for acknowledging outstanding funds and fund management firms. The awards commend entities that consistently exhibit robust risk-adjusted performance over three, five, and ten years relative to their peers, employing Lipper's proprietary quantitative methodology for an unbiased assessment.

Read more about East Capital Balkans.

Photo: Eglé Fredriksson and Anja Wahlscheidt from East Capital Group at the Lipper Fund Awards, 5th of March, 2024

Jessica Scott, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, East Capital Group

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1 In EUR, net of fees.
MSCI country indices, total returns with dividends reinvested at index in EUR.

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